Every free-standing building requires these as a matter of law. It is not always possible, nor is it even excusable, that property and business owners are not able to fully adhere to these very important regulations, drawn up in terms of the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 25 Title 19 standards for compliance. Every business manager should at least have a modicum of a risk management plan in place.

This plan covers fire protection measures. Look at any coherent risk management plan, you can source online samples as examples of how this should look, to give you a clear idea of what is expected of you as a property or business owner, or risk manager. Needing to focus on other areas of the business, you can also defer all fire-focused risk management work to a professionally trained and experienced fire sprinkler inspection california team.

fire sprinkler inspection california

Features and highlights of their work can be mentioned briefly here. The crews work in compliance with the abovementioned NFPA regulations. Municipal authorities have the advantage of their work in testing the cities’ fire hydrants, ensuring that they all remain in good working order. Also, all testing of fire protection systems at privately owned business and residential premises (apartment complexes) are left with a five-year certificate confirming that the inspected systems will remain in good working order for that period.  

The work of qualified and experienced teams goes beyond testing. They and their design and engineering colleagues are available to assist businesses with the design of their own unique fire protection and proofing systems. Finally, one very important feature of this business needs to be mentioned. Make a note that the business is in essence an emergency service offering which means that it will be available to clients 24/7.