4 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills

Energy bills account for about 35% of a person’s monthly expense, so it is easy to understand why most people are constantly looking for ways to lower these bills. There are tons of better ways to spend the money without looking hard to find them. The good news is that there are many ways to lower these expenses and keep more money in your pocket, including the four below.

1.    Update the Energy Type: What type of energy is used to heat your home? Many people say lower my energy bills with solar panels san clemente ca and make this big step. All new homes in the state will be constructed with solar power by 202 after all.  Solar energy is the absolute best way to lower energy bills and do your part to protect the environment.

2.    Fix Problems: When the water heater malfunctions or you notice the heating unit is making noises, pick up the phone and call a professional to schedule a repair before the trouble grows to mass proportions, which is bound to happen. It’s cheaper and easier to make repairs now than it is to resolve them later.

lower my energy bills with solar panels san clemente ca

3.    Adjust Temperatures: Not only should you adjust the temps on your HVAC unit, but also on the refrigerator, freezer, and other appliances that could be costing you more money than you realize.  It takes seconds to adjust these temperatures and you will prolong the life efficiency of the appliance while considerably reducing the costs of your energy bills.

4.    Light the Way: If you’ve not already upgraded to CFL light bulbs, stop wasting money and make the change. Many retainers no longer offer traditional incandescent light bulb already! Turn off lights when exiting a room and use smart power strips to power electronics like the TV and computer.