Thursday, April 10, 2014

Custom Site Branding with XSLT and MVC

Frequently, the clients I build applications for request the ability to customize their sites for their own clients. In the past, this might be accomplished by selecting a different CSS stylesheet for each client. That has the unfortunate drawback of trying to maintain styles across multiple copies. Another approach would be to generate style information in the page itself, but this doesn't provide the benefit of caching style information on the client side.

The approach I'm using currently is parameterized XSL transforms that can generate a style sheet on the fly from a template via an MVC controller action.

After creating an empty MVC project and adding a HomeController and View/Home/Index.cs, I set up my layout as follows:

In this layout, I've split my stylesheets into two categories. Structure concerns itself with size and placement. Brand concerns itself with colors, but may also include typography.

The branding in this case isn't a CSS file, it's an XSLT file.

I've added parameters to the XSLT file that can be supplied at runtime to change the appearance. This content gets merged with the simple brand.xml in the controller.

The controller uses a customization class stored in the models folder. In this case, to simplify things, I'm hardcoding the values and basing the customization on host-headers. Feel free to pull the information from a database or base the customization on user role, etc.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Gaming the App Store

So it turns out that folks max out their app's price to $999.99 and have a 3rd party purchase copies until Apple considers them a "top paid" app. I'm sure that Apple recognizes this and does nothing because they're making a 30% profit in any case.